Nailed It! Time to Celebrate!

Tasseo team is celebrating  after we received this wonderful email from a client! 

7-2-confetti-free-png-image Nailed It! Time to Celebrate!

“Hi Urvashi,

Thanks for going through the deep dive yesterday. It is astonishing how quickly 16 months passes when you are working with such a talented group of people. ATK will miss working with your team, and I wanted to share a few reasons why.

Prudence was a constant of the program, keeping us moving forward. There were a lot of changes and transitions she always adapted to, and kept us on track. She kept the program flexible and has the best attitude. She ends up being more like a colleague and redefines how consultants typically work.

Vishal’s patience for the data challenges we faced and his persistence to keep pushing our data analysis forward made him invaluable.

And the team loved working with Julie, her passion for the brand and creative direction allowed them to execute quickly and deliver high quality emails.

I wish the team and Tasseologic tremendous success. And look forward to another opportunity to work together.

Best, Natalie “

We love making clients happy!

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